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【腐向け注意】2/2 FFオンリー無料配布まんが by サト

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geekgirlfails submitted:

(This is my b-day gift from awesome eseona  :3 ) 

An’ it isn’t m’ birthday ‘til m’ in m’ birthday suit.

(Hahahha!  Nice!  What a good friend!)

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Anonymous said:
Sir! What would you like to get for your birthday?

I ain’t too picky, Nonny!  Jus’ drop by an’ wish me a happy birthday’ll be enough.  If ya wanna get fancy, I’ll take all sorts’ve art since tha’s a big internet thing.

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I was forced, TORTURED really to get this to be colored.  I, in no way, wanted that.  Nonono… noooo.  Not at all.

This is by far the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever drawing with Cid.  And it’s transparent for all your…. Cid dancing with Cait like he was a little kid needs….

That’s the end of the event!  Thanks again to all my followers!  Thank you everyone who joined the livestream!

(Edit:  EEEK fixed Cid’s eye apparently it was also transparent.  Shrunk it down a smidge because it’s HUGE)

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Transparent for all your transparent Valenwind needs!

Thanks you my 200+ followers for sticking it out with me and thanks everyone who came to the livestream!!

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Submitted by geekgirlfails

I am so so so sorry.

i just….

… Fer fuck’s sake….

Wha’s wrong with m’ fans???

OOC: In Cid speak that means “I really appreciate this fan art and am blessed to have such a wonderful following.”

This is beautiful and perfect and I want to somehow put it on the blog.  I have an easter egg page hidden in the blog, maybe instead of what’s there, I’ll turn it into a secret thegoddamnrocketscientist fan art page.

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Final Fantasy VII: Cidney Highwind by Zchanning

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geekgirlfails said:
Merry Christmas to you, mun and my favourite engineer! Don't get drunk too much Cid, alright? :)

I shant stay sober!  It’s Christmas!

(OOC: You have a Merry Christmas as well!)

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In-Dept 30 Day Character Meme: Day 7

Day 7:

Where does your character live? Why did they choose it, and how did they acquire it?

Cid lives nicely sized house in Rocket Town with Shera. When Cid originally chose this house, it was simply meant to be a temporary living quarters for him and Shera while they worked on ShinRa No. 26, but after it’s failure, the house became a home. Acquiring it was not much of an issue since it was all technically on his land.

When in Edge, he has a hotel room that’s reserved for only him thanks to getting buddy-buddy with the manager. Lord knows why he put in the effort, though. The hotel itself is fairly awful and the room isn’t much better, but he likes it.

How do they handle intruders (graciously? violently?)?

Being friends with members of AVALANCHE meant becoming real gracious about people (and robots and whatever Nanaki is) showing up inside of his house without permission. Though, even with strangers, he would be more interested in understand why they broke into his house then actually hurt them. Cid may be an angry man, but he’s not naturally violent.

He WILL, however, threaten non-AVALANCHE intruders with violence if they continued their actions. Realistically, if he caught them again, he’d put them to work.

Describe the space.

(OOC: I have changed around the house quite a bit from the original game. Mostly, because the OG house is pretty awful and makes no sense, even for it being Cid’s home.)

Cid’s home in Rocket Town is a two story house. The kitchen is it’s own seperate room where as the dining room and living room take up a large majority of the bottom floor. The living room has carpet whereas the dining room is a wooden floor, and that’s how anyone can tell where one ends and the other begins.

The kitchen is small and quaint, but is utilized well. 


Stepping inside, one would think he and Shera collected tea pots.  Which they sort of do, but not as a hobby.

Cid’s dining room.


The living room.


Off of the living room/dining room area, there’s a fairly normal bathroom with a few pipes protruding out of the walls, a garage, stairs leading up to the second floor and the guest bedroom… which often times stores Cid’s clutter.


But due to being so far out of the way from the rest of his friends, whenever he knows they’re coming over, he cleans it.  It then looks more like this.


On the top floor, there’s another bathroom and Cid and Shera’s respective bedrooms.

Cid’s bedroom is a mess, but a livable one.


Where Shera’s room is clean, nice and simple.


As for Cid’s hotel in Edge, it looks something like this.


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geekgirlfails said:
(um, i found your blog while i was ill with derp cold and i honestly fell in love with you here, keep going, you are epic i want to cry... note: still ill but getting better the more i read your rp )

OOC: Yes!  You made the original post about Cid summoning dildos!  Good stuff!  Thank you for inspiring a bit of RP fun with that.  And Cid having to come to terms with he surrounds himself with phallic objects.  It’s best he’s aware of this.

I do hope you feel better!  Here’s a sexy nurse to take care of you!


So thank you for all the compliments and feel better, geekgirlfails!

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In-Dept 30 Day Character Meme: Day 6

Day 6:

Why do they have their resources?

Rocket Town: Cid inherited Rocket Town from his parents, namely his mother, as the land was in her family for generation and had been used as a farming town for as long as it had been in the family. When Cid’s mother’s parents owned it, it was named Sharp Ranch, after their last name, when she married Cid’s father, it was changed to Highwind Ranch and then when Cid inherited it, he allowed for it to be used for their research and the eventual launch of their space rocket.

After the failure of ShinRa No. 26, ShinRa insisted that the town giving it a name that represented what they tried to accomplish there in order to attempt to cut their loses and turn the land into a tourist town.

Highwind Corp.: Cid started his own business after the events of the Jenova War and while he had no purpose for it right away. It started serving it’s purpose when the WRO (or Reeve, really) wanted him to examine an ancient airship, it didn’t exactly fit into the job description of an Admiral.

Later, he started using the business as a way have others commission him for airships.

WRO: After ShinRa, the thought of jumping back in bed with another super power wasn’t at all appealing to Cid, so at first he turned down any offer to join the WRO. Unfortunately… and fortunately, Reeve Tuesti is a very convincing man and more importantly, has been very accommodating to Cid where he can be.

He seems to indulge Cid running his own company despite the WRO being it’s main source of income. It’s done it’s job, though. The Captain—or WRO Admiral—has become a very loyal employee thanks to this treatment.

How long have they had them, and how have they served the character over time? (Ex. Contacts, money, political power, fame, etc.)

Rocket Town: The town itself doesn’t serve him as much as he serves it. While he loves the country, there’s always a bit of longing to be back in a city like Junon… or even Edge if it meant being closer to his job instead of the insane commute he has. It has helped with his fame, being the mayor of it. And therefore his political power, though he doesn’t really care for that.

Highwind Corp.: As stated before, Highwind Corp. was started after the Jenova Wars, it has helped him gain a few more contacts, but it really is there to satisfy his need to create… and getting paid to do so. It pays well enough.

WRO: Cid had his own amount of fame thanks to his reputation with ShinRa long before ever joining the WRO, though working as their Admiral certainly has not hurt it at all. Money wise, he honestly does believe he’s ripping the company off a little, but with such a high rank comes a high rate of pay.

It has also given him a nearly endless supply of contacts, whether it be for business or personal reasons for needing them.

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In-Dept 30 Day Character Meme: Day 5

Day 5:

Resources and abilities:

Where did they learn their abilities?

Dragoon: Some of his abilities come down to nothing more than the genetics, being a dragoon was one of them. His father and that entire line all have an amazing ability to jump in-human heights (as well as a few more subtle abilities.) Even without practice, a young child of the Highwind brood could easily jump several meters. With the proper training and practice, they can scale hundreds of meters into their teens.

Cid’s father trained him enough to make sure he could land properly without injuring himself, but found the skill only so practical in their line of work. Cid, on the other hand, liked getting better at this very special ability.

Mathematics: Cid was always considered a rather dumb child. He barely could write, read and spelling was nearly out of the question. No one was all that concerned with his inabilities, figuring when came time to take over the farm, he would marry a woman who could do the light work for him while he actually took care of the physical labor.

After he joined ShinRa, and when he took his pilot’s test, it was discovered while, yes, his language arts skills were severly lacking, he was borderline genius when it came to mathematics.

Aeronautics: Living on a farm meant there was a dust cropper plane. Whether through begging or ‘borrowing,’ Cid had his share of fly time. With previous experience, he was able to become a pilot for ShinRa rather quickly.

Engineering: When it was discovered the mathematics potential Cid had, he started taking engineering classes.

Rocket Science: With aeronautic and engineering under his belt, he was a shoe-in to be an astronaut. The most difficult part for him was having to memorize how to say and spell the complex wording involved in the science. Thanks to a loyal crew, it became apart of the day to day swing to spring pop quizzes on the Captain.  Shera would instruct the crew with what to help Cid with.

If they have an income, where does it come from?

The WRO provides most of Cid’s income with his work as the Admiral of the WRO Air Fleet, though he does do contracts on the side to build airships for private investors. …. Though, even then, 80% of the contact work he get still comes from the WRO.

Technically, he also gets paid for his work as a mayor, but he filters that salary right back into Rocket Town’s growth.

Do they have a job? Do they like it? How do they feel about their co-workers?

Cid has more than one job, actually! As explained, Admiral, independent contractor, and Mayor of Rocket Town.

Admiral: As an Admiral, he’s top dog in his division and the work is actually fairly easy in a time without war.  He has a considerable amount of people answer to him, but that’s nothing he’s not use to, the pay is amazing and most paperwork requires a quick read and a sloppy signature.  He doesn’t deal with too many co-workers he interacts with, only the higher ranked individuals and as their superior, they show him the utmost respect.

Independent Contractor: This job is a lot of physical labor, but it probably makes him the happiest out of any of it. He loves being active and the more he’s able to wear himself out with work, the better he feels at the end of the day.  Also, it entails his favorite hobbies  Flying and engineering.  

Mayor:  Being mayor is without a doubt Cid’s least favorite job.  The pay isn’t great, the stress almost isn’t worth it, and towns people are dicks.  The only reason he doesn’t give it up this position is he wants Rocket Town to be ran a certain way.

While he considers many of the towns people his kin, he doesn’t always agree with them… 

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In-Dept 30 Day Character Meme: Day 4

(Skipping Day 3.  I have no idea what do to for that one yet)

Day 4:

Favorites and habits: 

What are some of your character’s hobbies? What do they do with their time?

Cid usually starts projects he’ll never finish. He has a gun collection that consists of only three, a car that’s half put together, half-finished blueprints to new plane designs. Really, if he’s not getting paid for something, it’s difficult for him to stay on task.

Favorite color?

Tiny Bronco Red… Which is actually more of a pink, but Cid doesn’t seem to have the best perception of the color spectrum. 

Favorite music artists?

Cid enjoys rock ‘n’ roll and country.

Movies or TV shows?

His favorite genre of TV shows and movies is a tie between science fiction, documentries, and action/adventure

Books or authors?

Cid doesn’t actually read all that often, but when he does it’s usually something of the non-fiction category, reading other scientists theories on space or physics.


He doesn’t have time for actor crushes. At least enough to know their real name.

Political stance?

As the mayor of Rocket Town, he’s often times forced to have more of a public open political opinion than he’d actually like to. The once tiny town continues to expand due to word of their stable economy has forced Cid to step up his game, having to balance the old with the new. The traditions of Rocket Town with the progress of new people with different ways of thinking from a bunch of country folk.

What may come as a surprise is Cid finds himself on the side of progression more than the ways of tradition.

Are they active in politics or do they not care?

Cid has to be, though he does miss the days when him being the mayor was more of a superficial title than anything else.

What are some of their pet peeves?

…. Ah. I imagine this is an ever expanding list. We’ll name some of the bigger ones.

If it is not functional, if it is not efficient and if it is not practical, it annoys the shit out of him. Cid bases his life around practicality, often wanting no more than he needs. If it is not broke, don’t fix it. It needs to work the exact way each time or it is broken. Anyone who insists otherwise often gets ignored or grumbled at.

If anyone has something negative to say about any of his projects, it better come in the form of constructive criticism or it will likely start a fight. Whether they want it or not, Cid will want to fight and most likely for hours.

Also, he hates cats. And almost all of his closer friends have cats. Hell, Shera has a cat. So, technically, he has a cat. Fucking cats.

What sort of gifts do they like?

Power tools are usually always a safe bet. Even if he does not have a personal use for it, he can always use them for the work he does in Rocket Town or ‘donate’ them to the WRO for use there. It always makes him get a little nerdy and giddy to play with a new power tool.

Going on the more nostalgic side of his tastes, anything involving space or model planes really warm his heart and a bonus if they’re a model of one of his machines.

What is their favorite time of day?

Cid prefers the sunset more than anything else. People start calming down and going home and most importantly, they stop bothering him. That’s what the sunset symbolizes for him. Getting some time to decompress while being fairly confident he’ll be left alone to do so.

Favorite weather?

A warm, shining sun with a nice breeze.


Summer time in Rocket Town.

Where do they like to spend their time?

Space. As that was a once in a lifetime experience, his second option is the deck of the Shera. When The Shera is hovering low and the crew is resting up, Cid will leave his Captain’s Quarters, start up the planetarium and spend hours and hours day dreaming away, laying on the floor.

No one is allowed on the Deck at these times.

Favorite food?

Bacon wrapped wieners until his doctor tells him otherwise.

Favorite drink?

Goddamn tea.

Hot drinks, soft drinks, or alcohol?

How many ways can I say tea? No soft drinks. He doesn’t like the amount of sugar in them. Scotch is his favorite alcohol.

Favorite animal?


Do they have any pets?

Cid, by living with Shera, has a cat named Sir Wellington Rufflebottom… (Shera also named it.) Cid hates it. It hates Cid. They both like Shera so they’ve learned to generally avoid each other.

Do they want any?

Cid has considered getting a dog. It’d piss off the cat and they’re loyal.

He also wants a dragons. Aren’t dragoons supposed to have dragons? Because he would train a goddamn dragon and he’d fly in his plane and it’d fly beside him and they’d tear up the goddamn sky.

What relaxes them?

A lot of things relax him, actually. Being around his friends, co-workers, family, they all relax him to a certain degree. He’s a people person and when there’s people in the world who can tolerate him, he doesn’t take that lightly. He also enjoys alone time to be in his own day dreams (See: thinking he can train a dragon and have it do aerial tricks with him)

Do they have any bad habits?

Smoking, cussing, boozing, not sleeping and being that sort of honest that usually offends people.  Or as he calls it: Being witty as fuck.

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In-Dept 30 Day Character Meme: Day 2

Day 2:

How do they usually dress?

Cid dresses as comfortably and conveniently as possible. Fashion never comes into play when he dresses himself. It’s all about utility for his home life as well as his work and if anyone were to ever ask why his attire was so mismatched and wrinkled, he would respond with something along the lines it was a choice between what he was wearing and nudity. No one really asks anymore.

What do they wear to sleep?

Boxers is his way of being polite. If someone spends the night at his house or he expects someone early in the morning, he’ll wear boxers to make things less awkward. For them. He doesn’t give a shit. If he doesn’t expect anyone, he sleeps in the nude. Shera’s quite used to him wandering around naked at night.

Do they wear jewelry?

The only jewelry he wears is his dog tags. And if anyone were to call those jewelry, he’d probably cuss and scream.

Is there anything about their appearance they wish they could change?

When Cid was a younger man, he was bothered by his height. Though, through a series of calculations, it was discovered that no one below 157 cm and above 190 cms could possibly become an astronaut, he began to view his height as a strength more than an insecurity.
So anymore, his wish would be facial hair that went past longer than usual stubble.

How would they look as the opposite sex?

Cid as a female wouldn’t be much different than Cid as a male. Maybe slightly less apparent muscle, no hair on the face and chest. She would still be just as unshaven in the arm pits and legs. Still have cropped hair to keep herself save from gears grabbing her up. Her breasts would be too small to need a bra and she wouldn’t see the point in wearing one anyway.

She would get mistaken for a guy a lot.

(OOC: Personally, even if Cid was born biologically female, I still see him having a very male brain and thus transitioning to male. Despite that, I’m going to assume this is a female-brained, female-bodied Cid we’re talking about… so… there you go. Still a gruff hillbilly.)

What do they smell like? Why (do they wear the scent or does it occur naturally)?

Dry dirt, engine oil, cigarette smoke. Obviously none of these smells occur naturally. As it stands, he smells most like dry dirt, which is generally what most of the hangers and garages he works at smell like. He works around monstrous sized engines, so there’s where the engine oil smell comes from and he smokes enough for the scent to cling to his clothes.

Do they have an accurate mental picture of their appearance (how they see themselves versus how the world sees them)?

In most aspects he has an accurate mental picture of himself. Cid does assume he’s not exactly much to look at, but he understands realistically, that opinion is reserved for the eye of the beholder.

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